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Crane Rentals.....Gulf of Mexico STYLE!

The Gulf Coast has always been known for its “robust and can do” attitude. With

Marina Miss Crane and Boom Truck bare crane rentals you “can do it all” or

anything your customers desire. MMC rents Cranes and Boom Trucks without

operators (bare) so you can have the option to use your drivers and operators to

make more money. MMC has the largest crane boom truck rental fleet in the

Gulf Coast. Short or Long term bare rentals are no worries for the crane rental

division at Marina MIss Crane and Boom Truck.

A dedicated rental rep for each account, capable of handling your account A Large, well-maintained Selection of Crane Trucks and Boom Trucks Mobile Mechanics or Repair Personnel to handle all maintenance needs Many models from Terex, Manitex, National, Palfinger and Fassi Service and Rental (bare) agreements to fit any budget

Rental Discounts for LONG TERM RENTALS

Rental clients with Marina Miss Crane & Boom Truck also can benefit from MMC’s long term bare rental expertise. MMC has a national bare rental manager who helps to make MMC’s long term bare rentals more cost effective for you the customer. MMC strives to custom tailor programs and packages for your needs to help save money and which means more up time on the job site. Call MMC today for a free, no obligation long term quotation!

No Brokers, No Brokers, No Brokers, Means Less Cost

MMC owns it’s own cranes. We don’t broker out a machine that we don’t own

which can mean less money cost to you. Ring us today for a free quotation on a

crane (bare) rental from Marina Miss Crane.


MMC rents (bare) rental Cranes and Boom Trucks so you can use your own operator. Our crane, your own operator. Rental Dept: 1-866-275-7312 MMC can help you make more money!  

Call for a free quote!

PHONE CALLS ARE FREE, SO ARE EMAILS! Call us for a free quote on a short or long term rental.
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